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The Vatican Museum and the Sistine Chapel are closed on each Sundays except the last one of the month. The Basilica of St.Peter’s is always open so you will be able to visit it and if you are lucky enough you might be able to see the Pope since he gives a Blessing on this day. When the Vatican museum is closed it will be replaced with a visit to the catacombs or something else you would like to see.The tour is very flexible so we do not follow a strict itinerary and if you have any suggestion we will be happy to satisfy it.

For those of you who are booking private tours for the first time, perhaps a little clarification would help. A tour driver and a tour guide are not the same. It is to your advantage when booking a private tour to be sure that you understand the difference and know in advance what you are paying for. A tour guide has a license, usually issued by the state / country. He or she has attended school to learn all about the sites you will see. A guide is permitted to go into the historical sites with you and tell you about the history. Naturally, their services will cost more. A tour driver is not licensed, has not attended “guide” school, and is not permitted inside the site to tell you about the history. Naturally, their services will be more economical. Many drivers are just as well versed in the area history as the guides. The difference of course is that they have to tell you the facts before you go inside.

We offer two different services that of course are quoted differently bus with driver and tour guide. A tour guide has a license, usually issued by the state / country. He or she has attended school to learn all about the sites you will see. A liscensed guide is permitted to go into the historical sites with you and tell you about the history. Naturally, their services will cost more. Bus with driver and tour escort , which is training to be a guide but doesn’t have a permit.

I wish i could guarantee for your tour the driver requested .You probably read about him or he was suggested by a friend and knowing that he will be assigned to you maybe will let you feel more secure about booking a tour with us. I will be honest with you and not lye saying, yes he will be assigned to you knowing that there are many things that can change from now to the day of your tour. We schedule the drivers tours at the beginning of each week and try our best to assign to each client the driver requested .This happens most of the times but not always. Please be reassured that all the drivers used by driverinrome are trained to be friendly , informative and safe. Some are more fun some more informative but the important thing is that you will be satisfied with them!!! Remember it takes years to get a good reputation and one unsatisfied client to ruin it , so do not worry you will have a great time with our tours. If you have a preferred driver or more then one, when you book a tour please let us have the list so we can try to satisfy everyone!!!

If you wish to secure a reservation with driverinrome provide us with your credit card information and telephone number. If you do not feel secure to send your credit card number by e-mail you may either fax it to Remo Melaragno: Fax: 011 39 06 61532259 or you can mail it to us with 2 separate emails. Otherwise click on the secure page:

Payments can be made in Dollars, Euro, traveler cheque or personal cheque at the end of each tour. NO CREDIT CARD, sorry!!! The credit card is used to guaranty your reservation but will never be charged. Once we have this information we will e- mail you a confirmation of your booking.

Once you have collected your luggage and cleared custom head to the information desk of your terminal.This is where you will meet you driver.He will be holding a sign with the name shown on your reservation confirmation .It normally takes 40 minutes from the moment your flight touches ground that you phisically meet you driver, unfortunatly we italians work slow especially during the hot summer .So if it you notice it is taking longer , please call us at :


  • Daniele 011 39 33841809478
  • Remo 01139 3337080868
  • Office 01139 0661522395


Or ask the custom police officer to let you come out for a second to tell your driver you’ll be late. If the driver does not hear from you he might not wait longer than one hour. After 1 hour extra time will be charged. Please remember that the driver is not allowed in the baggage claima area.

If you miss your experience a long delay , please contact us at the numbers provided above . If we do not hear from you may be charged for the time we have to wait for you at the airport. If you miss your flight or your flight was cancelled and we do not hear from you , you will be charged for the full amount of your transfer (and tour if requested).

The shore excursions offered by Driverinrome are private and customized to the passengers’ requests. This means you will have your own driver and vehicle. We pick you up from the pier or wherever you wish. You have the option of adding a guide for a more personal tour.

We are your home away from home. While on a short visit in a foreign city, we will show you around our front and back yards. We are knowledgeable, experienced, courteous, prompt, and reliable. We will meet you at your choice of place to embark on a tour of our cities and show you the main attractions and hidden jewels known only to us.

You can’t compare our tour to the tours offered by the cruise line simply because we give you the most attention and cater to your very specific needs.

Yes, since our tours are private and customized, you can reserve time in your itinerary for shopping and free time , just tell the driver at the beginning of your tour.

Our representatives will be waiting at the pier 15 minutes prior to meeting time. There are local contact numbers on the voucher we provide for you before the trip. Please look for a sign with your group name at the pier.

In most ports we can provide services to people who need assistance getting in and out of vehicles. We can normally stow away wheelchairs that are foldable. In some ports we may provide services to wheelchair bound people who require an access ramp or a lift to board the vehicle. Please inquire by mail or phone. We may be able to assist in mobilized wheelchairs by assigning a host/hostess for this purpose; please get in contact with us, otherwise no one will be provided.The pace of the tour may be altered to address mobility needs. You should discuss your mobility concerns with your group members in advance to avoid unnecessary tension. We will comply with any reasonable request given appropriate advance notice

Tipping is not included in the price.It is customary for good service but not mandatory. Please report back any tipping abuses.

We will pick you up from the airport and drive you to your destination in comfort. Please have your flight and hotel information ready when booking. For cruise passengers, please reserve a larger category vehicle to accommodate for additional luggage. Book your trip to the airport according to the required check-in time. Airport authorities require you to check-in 3 hours prior to departure for international flights. Please contact your carrier for specific instructions. You may contact us to determine the travel time from your location to the airport. We also provide transfers to hotels and other locations upon request.