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    Mary Jane Sinclair
    Mary Jane Sinclair

    5 out of 5 stars

    posted 5 days ago

    It has been over a decade when I became a wheelchair user and throughout all these years I've never thought of going on a vacation out of country due to my disability and being afraid of bothering my family, until this recent 10 days cruise we have taken for my wedding's anniversary. And I have to say that using Driver In Rome for our tour in Rome, has been one of the best decisions in our life!!!!
    Not only it saved us a lot of time and stress into planning and looking for tickets to the monuments we wanted to visit, but we also felt secure throughout the whole duration of the tour, there was never a moment my disability stopped me from enjoying the tour, thanks to their van in which my wheelchair could totally fit in!
    Thank you Driverinrome Team for creating a tour we will never forget.
    We highly recommend this company and their wheelchair accessible van for wheelchair users like me!

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